Niko Ruch - VFX Student based in Freiburg

Working with following Software packages:

Houdini FX - Lighting/Shading/Rendering, procedural Modeling, Simulation of natural phenomena such like Fire, Smoke, Water, processing of CAD-Data and Product Visualization --> Showreel

After Effects - Compositing, Tracking, Text & Title Animation, Motion Graphics, HUDs and UIs --> Showreel

Speedtree - Creating virtual vegetation, foliage and trees

Substance Painter - texturing 3D-Assets & Models

Premiere Pro / Davinci Resolve - Editing & Color Grading


Houdini Workstation / 16 Cores & 64 GB Ram
GH5 / Metabones Speedbooster / Sigma 1.8 18-35mm

Houdini Excerpts

After Effects Excerpts