Showreel online

my first Student Reel is online now. Primary some Basic stuff I did in the last months, generally Houdini and After Effects. Still a Long way to go, but it’s a start. Expect more in summer đŸ˜‰

Speedtree Growth

While exploring the intriguing world of cgi, I came across a fabulous piece of Software called SpeedTree. It’s mainly used for Games and Vfx. I couldn’t resist to give it a shot…. I used it in conjunction with Houdini and this is one of my … Continue readingSpeedtree Growth


As part of my studies I recently started a new Houdini Project. It will be part of series of 5 objects which will be manipulated in 3D space somehow. The topic this time: melting. For the melted object I chose The Thinker by Rodin; which … Continue readingMelting

Houdini Project finished

Finally, after some weeks, I managed to finish my latest Houdini Project. It’s called “The Machine”, a fictional power plant, inspired by a tutorial of Rohan Dalvi. It’s still not animated but yet many hours of work went into this one. Houdini Nodetree The Machine

Hello World!

Hi and welcome to my blog! Here I will inform you at irregular intervals about my work in the world of cgi. Wheter it’s motion graphics, vfx or grading… you’ll find it here